30+ Tips Showing How Google Drive is Electrifying

The following presentation shows over 30 features that makes Google Drive electrifying. This is not an exhaustive list, just some of my favorites. 

Chrome Tip for Pasting Text into Google

This is a great Chrome tip for anyone that does a lot of copying and pasting into Google tools. Copy text from another resource and use Shift + Command/Control + V to paste the text. The pasted text will appear in the same font and size as the Google document, slide, spreadsheet, sites, blogger, etc. No more need to paste the text and then reformat. Please note that this doesn't work with hyperlinks because when you paste the hyperlink disappears. 


Creating Dating/Friendship Profiles for Concepts, Characters, Vocabulary, and More

A year ago, at TCEA 2017, I attended a session presented by Andy Simpson, a Technology Specialist with Fort Worth ISD. The session was on Using Humor for Higher Order Thinking. There were a lot of fun and creative ideas presented, but the Dating / Friendship Profile concept stuck with me and I wanted to share (I don't know what took me so long). 

The idea behind the concept is to have students to use humor to create a dating or friendship profile for a concept they are learning about. Here is the example that he shared in the presentation:

Fun, right!?! This got me thinking that it doesn't need to be limited to just concepts, which might be something that he mentioned in the presentation, but I forgot. You can have students use this to create profiles for novel characters, historical figures, vocabulary words, math terms, and so much more. 

Have the students analyze the person/concept to really figure out the likes/dislikes, hobbies, skills, etc. Let the students get creative with how they present the information and definitely encourage humor as part of the profile.

Here is an example created by Suzy Pessia, a teacher at my school. She used this as a model for her health science students. Click here to see more of her students' creations. 

Google Drawing or Google Slides are excellent tools students can use to create these profiles. Here are a couple templates I created. Click on the links below the image and it will force you to make a copy of the template, so you can adjust as needed and share with your students. 

Make a copy of this template here

Make a copy of this template here

Let the students get creative and have fun with this project.

Creating Educational Memes

Memes are an image combined with text, used to make people think or laugh. Students know and love memes, so why not have them create their own educational memes on a concept they have just learned. 

Here is my example:

There are meme generator websites out there, but I have found that most are blocked with our school filter. If you are a Google district, have students use Google Drawing to create their meme. They can find an image free to use by going to Insert > Image > Search the Web. After the image has been added, they can add text boxes to write their blurb.